Lusso Artificial Grass

Union Artificial Grass

Our  Lusso grass has a heavy-weight pile and offers a high density of blades and fibres for a lush green and realistic effect.  It is also available in 2 and 4 metre widths, as well our wider 5 metre roll width to help cover larger areas without the need for joins. Multiple shades of green blades and underlying brown curled fibres mimic the look of real grass and the 35mm pile height provides a soft, cushioned feel underfoot.

This grass is both child and pet friendly and comes with a latex backing, drainage holes and is UV resistant.

  • 37mm total height
  • 35mm pile height
  • Total weight 2.700 g/m2
  • 2m, 4m & 5m widths


per board

How many metres do I need?

Input the area of grass you require to see approximately how many rolls you will need to order. If in doubt, contact us for an exact quote.

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