Q. Is it easy to install myself?

A. Our post and rail systems are modular push-fit and glue together. Although you may need a drill for some parts or if fitting channel balustrade. Handling and safety equipment should always be considered.

Q. Does it make a difference if I'm using stainless steel inside or outside?

A.  Our products are available in both grades 304 and 316. These grades relate to the chemical composition of the stainless steel. 316, or ‘Marine Grade’ as it can be known as, has a higher level of nickel and the addition of molybdenum meaning we recommend this for external use as it is more durable to the harsh elements of being outside. 304 is recommended for internal use.

Q. Do you have different finishes on the steel?

A. The majority of our products are satin polished or 'brushed finish' as it is sometimes referred to. This means the steel is as smooth as possible making it as durable as possible.

We can also supply our products in bright mirror polish or arrange to have them powder coated in any RAL colour required.

Q. How do I have to maintain my balustrade?

A.  The balustrade systems are highly durable however we do still recommend it is maintained from time to time. More frequent cleaning will be required if your balustrade is installed in high contamination areas such as by pools, by the sea or in city centres. For this we recommend our Balustrade Super Store stainless steel cleaner and our Balustrade Super Store glass cleaner.

Q. Do your systems meet current building regulations?

A.  If unsure about anything then you should always check with your building inspector but yes, most of our systems comply with current building regulations.

Q. What diameter handrail do you offer?

A.  Handrail round tube and slotted tube is supplied at either 42.4mm or 48.3mm. Or we can supply a minimalistic capping rail depending on the thickness of your glass.

Q. How high should my balustrade be?

A.  To comply with current building regulations they should be 1100mm high from finished floor level on a straight run or 900mm high on stairs.

Q. Can I buy just parts and not full kits?

A.  We can help in every way, whether you need a replacement glass panel, handrail or just a rubber for a glass clamp. Call in and one of our team will be happy to help.

Q. How will my delivery arrive?

A.  Depending on your order we will work with you to either arrange delivery via our own vans or by our trusted carrier service. Any access issues will need to be reported upon order placement.

Q. What glass thickness do I need for my balustrade.

A.  There are many options for your glass from 10mm to 21.5mm. Toughened glass is generally the standard option but laminated is also available. We can also offer privacy glass where visibility is obscured.

Q. What does kN stand for?

A. kN stands for kilonewtons - and it basically means the force applied to a glass balustrade. Different applications require different minimum loadings on your balustrade. A force is applied and a deflection measurement is taken. Below is a general overview of load requirements:

Internal single family domestic or external where the drop on the other side is less than 600mm - 0.36kN

External single family domestic where the drop is 600mm or more - 0.74kN

Light commercial installations such as restaurants and bars - 1.50kN

Heavy commercial installations such as airports and stadiums - 3kN