Engineered to provide unbeatable durability our composite cladding boasts an attractive multi-toned surface perfectly mimicking natural timber. 

Composite Decking

Relax, it's low maintenance

A new product developed surrounding the interest around Red Cedar cladding, this synthetic cladding looks completely natural without any of the draw backs of 100% timber cladding products. This new innovative colour stable product will not grey with weathering and keeps its vibrant colour year on year making it ideal for hard to reach applications such as high rise apartments. 

With a unique easy to install fixing clip the composite cladding stands just proud of buildings allowing for air flow and no buildup of moisture. Available in a wide variety of colours this contemporary smooth finished cladding board is a sustainable solution to tired timber cladding and fascia.

Forma Cladding Angle Trim 40mm x 40mm x 3600mm

The Forma range features an angled edging trim option 40mm x 40mm x 3600mm. This angle profile is used to edge off the corner of steps and exposed edges that would otherwise show the side profile of the either the cladding or decking board. This trim is secured using our specialist colour coded screws.

Brown Edging Board

Forma Cladding Internal Corner Trim 72mm x 72mm x 3600mm

This particular angled edging trim is used to trim enclosed/internal corners. When fixed this trim provides a channel either side of the corner for boards to slot into allowing a seam free finish.

Decking Accessory

Use our calculator to design your full Composite Cladding system.

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